Vitro – Rotterdam

Surprising studios for students

Do you want to study in peace and party in a vibrant city? The Vitro studios are located in the heart of Rotterdam, in an a-location called the Stadsdriehoek. The 87 brand new studios are a catch for you, whether you follow a full study or are here as an exchange student. Vitro is located on the Glashaven and is Latin for ‘glass’. But you probably already knew that.
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Studying in the
City Triangle

You want to get the most out of your study time in Rotterdam. You want to focus on your studies, but also absorb the city. By renting your own studio in Vitro, you get the best of both worlds.

From your independent studio you have everything you need within reach. You can get groceries in no time at the Spar, directly below Vitro. Are you studying at Erasmus University? After a short ride on your bike, a shared scooter or with public transport you can be on campus in no time. Are you at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences? Some of your classes are almost literally on your doorstep! Want to go out for a day or night? In a few minutes you walk to the city centre of Rotterdam.

The location is also great when you travel outside of Rotterdam. Blaak station is only an 8-minute walk away. There you find the bus, tram, metro and train. You are connected to the other major cities and more. Convenient, right?

Eat. Sleep. Study. Repeat.


Get to school fast

College and university within walking or cycling distance.

Excellent view

Large windows everywhere and a view of the skyline from the top 3 floors.

Downtown Rotterdam

Everything close by, all types of public transport within walking distance.

Your own place

Studios with private kitchen, bathroom and living/sleeping area.

Good facilities

Shared laundry room and roof terrace plus private storage.

Short Stay & Long Stay 

Living, studying and partying in the heart of Rotterdam. Short or long stay, in a Vitro independent studio you will find both peace and excitement. Your own place in the city. With short stay you rent a furnished studio for a maximum of 6 months, useful if you are following a short training or exchange program. With long stay you rent it (partly) upholstered and you can rent your studio for the entire duration of the study.

Road to Rotterdam

When does Vitro open its doors?

We have already started building Vitro. The existing building is being completely transformed and the upper floors are under construction. But obviously you are interested when you can rent your studio the Vitro building! Let’s summarize step by step:


Before assigning the studios, we want to give everyone the chance to show an interest in Vitro. Are you interested? Then sign up for the newsletter or follow us on social media. By doing so, you are already one step closer to getting that independent studio.

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During construction, more information about Vitro will be coming your way. Interior impressions will pass by, so that you get a feel for the building and the studios. A home seeker tool will be launched soon. Follow Vitro to get the latest info!


From this moment, it’s time to register; you can sign up for your own Vitro studio! During this period, we start renting out our short- and long-stay studios. Will you be the first to raise your glass on the roof terrace later?


The time for registration has passed. Time to assign! From the applications we make a selection of students who will be the first to live in Vitro. Of course, we let you know in time if you are one of the lucky ones.

Go Vitro!

It’s time; Vitro is ready. If you have been assigned to one of the studios, you can now move in. Rotterdam is literally at your feet.

Your own studio

Enjoy your own place in the city. With one of the 87 studios in Vitro, you have a living/bedroom all to yourself. Don’t worry about who’s cooking or if the shower is occupied; you also have your own kitchen and bathroom. Are you struggling to fit everything in your studio? No problem, use your personal storage room. To keep in touch with your neighbors, there is a shared laundry room and large roof terrace.

Every day is different, so are the studios! In Vitro you will find various types of studios, each with its own layout. You can choose from studios from 20m² to 40m². With or without a balcony, for example a French balcony at the front or even your own terrace. This allows you to enjoy the view that you have from the top floors of Vitro. You can reach it by stairs and elevator.

Each studio will be connected to Eneco district heating. Good for the planet and for your wallet. Studios are available for short and long stays. So, whether you are following a full study for an indefinite period or are on an exchange for a fixed period, Vitro has you covered.

Your oasis in Rotterdam

When finished, you will find Vitro at Glashaven, a street in the Maritime District. Located on the Leuvehaven, you live a few steps from the Nieuwe Maas. A quiet part in this lively metropolis. The City Triangle, the heart of Rotterdam, continues to innovate continuously and Vitro fits perfectly. Modern student housing in a modern city.

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